The Web development team

Our web developers have years of experience building reliable, innovative websites for different companies and brands. They are experts at making sure your user-friendly, search optimized website can handle the desired traffic, has all the functionalities you need and is easy to manage and expand.

Your corporate website or an online store requires only basic functionalities but frequent outages are not an option for your clients? Or maybe you’re planning on building a community website or a social hub with web chats, custom solutions, massive traffic and high requirements for reliability and scalability?

Our developers’ experience will help you finding the right tool for the job and avoiding costly detours and mistakes.

They’ve build websites and web related solutions using a number of languages (from HTML, XML, CSS to PHP and Java), frameworks (Kohana, Sympfony, Laralavel, Foundation) and content management systems (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and other).

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Software developers

The software development team gathers specialists from different programming worlds and technology branches. Together they have built a rich portfolio of commercial projects utilizing cutting edge technologies and concepts. In their toolbox there’s a variety of programming languages (from, Bash, Python, C/C++ to Erlang And Ruby) and databases (SQL and NoSQL alike).

They worked on massively scalable projects involving Big Data, concurrent programming, and distributed systems. They created large-scale messaging solutions, streaming services, telecom and gaming services for different clients.

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Hardware and networking

We can offer you help of top-notch System Administrators and Networks Engineers who have created many large-scale installations for companies in both private and public sector. Their expertise lies in increasing both the security and efficiency of software systems by designing turn-key solutions best fit to fulfill your business needs.

The right hardware and system configuration can make a difference between success and failure when considering downtime, fault-tolerance, increase in user traffic and data security.

Our experts can help you with choosing the right hardware, configuring the servers, designing the network topology, virtualizing your resources and making sure your data is both secure and accessible.

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